The Benefits of Squirrel Proof Hot Pepper Bird Seed

The Benefits of Squirrel Proof Hot Pepper Bird Seed

What is Hot Pepper Birdseed?

Hot pepper birdseed is the perfect solution for keeping squirrels and other pesky mammals away from your bird feeding station. This spicy food works by utilizing the compound capsaicin, which causes discomfort and burning in the mouths of mammals. Birds, on the other hand, are not affected by capsaicin and can safely consume hot pepper birdseed.

Why are Birds not effected by Hot Pepper?

The reason is simple: Capsaicin, the compound responsible for the "heat" or spiciness in hot peppers, affects only mammals because of the unique way that their nervous system responds to it. In mammals, capsaicin binds to a specific type of receptor which is located on nerve endings in the mouth and skin. When capsaicin binds, it causes the nerve to fire, which sends a pain signal to the brain. This is why mammals feel discomfort and burning when consuming hot peppers.

Birds, on the other hand, do not have the same receptors as mammals, and therefore are not affected by capsaicin. Birds have a different type of receptor that detects heat, called TRPA1, which is activated by capsaicin but it doesn't cause the same burning sensation that mammals would feel. Additionally, birds have a less developed sense of taste and smell, which means that they are not as sensitive to the spicy flavour of capsaicin. As a result, birds can safely consume hot pepper birdseed without any ill effects.


In conclusion, our spicy no-mess seed cylinder is is a great option for bird enthusiasts looking to deter squirrels and other critters from their bird feeders. It is safe for birds, easy to use and made from high-quality ingredients. By using this type of birdseed, you can enjoy watching your feathered friends without worrying about pesky critters stealing their food.

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