Privacy Policy

This site is regulated by Birdzy Inc. We at Birdzy know the true importance of privacy. We plan to help protect and safeguard any personal information shared. Birdzy would never give out any personal information either by selling, renting, or revealing to a third party without prior and clear consent by the consumer. The company might contact you to notify you of any new offers or products from Birdzy Incorporated.

Unless there is legal consent issued, the privacy policy stated below would guide the handling and regulation of all personal information divulged by the consumer. This legal document serves to inform you of how your information would be handled and the Terms and Conditions should be read along with it. This can be read at This Privacy Policy is a part of the Terms and Conditions of Birdzy Inc. This policy can be opened from any webpage on this website by clicking on the link at each page’s bottom.

What kind of personal information is collected? Anytime you visit, register a new account, or purchase any of the Birdzy goods, we might ask for any of this information:

1. Full Name.
2. Email Address and Password.
3. Billing and Postal Address (if different from the billing address).
4. Payment Details (this is processed using Stripe or PayPal).
5. Your Images.
6. Telephone or Cell Phone Number.

How is this personal information used by Birdzy?
Once the information has been gotten, processed, and deposited on our database, we use it to:

1. Complete a pending order with Birdzy.
2. Provide relevant details of your order and billing information.
3. Notify you of Birdzy, its operation, and other products.
4. Send emails of any abandoned or pending carts to remind you to confirm or delete them.

For legitimate reasons, we might use your personal information to improve the service delivery on our website. By analyzing the data, we can make recommendations of products that might be appealing to you.
The recognizable non-personal information and specific technical information derived from your computer or mobile device are used to run, maintain, and supervise Birdzy. If you would like to access, alter, or delete any information at any time, you can do this by logging onto your Birdzy account. For any questions, send an email to
The company does not divulge your personal information to a third party unless there is explicit legal consent by you, or we are mandated to do that by the law. If you notice that any of your information is incorrect or incomplete, you can change this in your account profile. You can also send an email and we will rectify it.

Payment Methods
Any payment for a Birdzy service is done using an authorized credit/debit card and processed using Stripe. The company does not store the card details, neither do we share it with a third party. You can ask for your details to be erased from the marketing database by:

1. Clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button in any email sent from us.
2. Sending an email with your details and request to us at
3. Replying any information sent to you.

This is a small file that requests permission for placement in the hard drive of the computer. If you accept/agree, it is stored and helps to monitor all web activities or notify us when you visit a specific website. The website can then display items or services that would be more suited to you based on the information gathered on you.

Cookies help in providing a better and improved website by notifying us of the pages you visit, those you found useful, etc. This file doesn’t grant us access to your computer or any other information asides the one you share with us.

How Cookies Are Used
They are used to improve service delivery quality and make them easy-to-use by any consumer. This is done by storing all user favorites in the cookies and tracking all user trends. For instance, a cookie is what allows for automatic login to your account after the creation of an account.
There are two cookie types used by Birdzy:

1. A unique ID embedded in the permanent cookie to store information so there is no need for them to be rewritten.
2. A temporary cookie that collects all information of your web session to prevent illegal access to your account.

Below are cookies used by Birdzy:
1. Birdzy Necessary Cookies: These are needed to allow for core functionality such as adding a product to your shopping basket. The website won't function effectively without them. The information gathered by these cookies is used for the specific purpose and is not divulged to third parties.
2. Google Analytics: These cookies collect, and report information based on website usage. This helps in identifying areas of difficulty and improve it, making the website more user-friendly and convenient. Any data gathered is anonymous. Companies or services that utilize this include Facebook, Snapchat, Google AdWords, Adroll, Twitter, YouTube, Bing, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
3. Advertising Cookies: These track any paid advertising services offered at any of the companies or services above. Each advertiser has its cookies, and the information gathered helps us provide ads that are relevant to you and identify areas where the ads are most effective.
4. Managing Cookies: You can decide to accept, decline, or select cookies that should be used on the website. If you decline the use of cookies, some website functions may not work for you.

Links to Other Websites
You might find links to other websites that might interest you. However, clicking on any link redirects you from our website and we won't be able to track you on that website. Therefore, Birdzy isn’t responsible for any privacy breach experienced during or after your website visit as those websites aren’t protected by this privacy policy.

Alterations to the Privacy Policy
If there are any alterations to the privacy policy of Birdzy, this page will be updated to replicate the alterations. We will send an email notification, if appropriate.

Any questions should be sent to