Nest Essentials Seed Cylinder

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Peanuts, mealworms, suet nuggets, sunflower hearts, calcium carbonate, and gelatine. YUM!

Come springtime, most birds in your backyard start turning into master builders, putting together twigs, fibers, leaves, and moss. Once the build is complete, laying eggs isn’t far behind.

A lot of the foods that make up a bird’s diet are very low in calcium, making it a challenge for them to find enough calcium for the nesting process. Without proper calcium, females will be forced to pull this mineral from their own bodies leaving them with weak bones for survival.

Our nesting essentials blend seed cylinders are packed with added calcium and protein-rich nuts which are the perfect building blocks to help strengthen egg shells and help with muscle and feather formation in young birds.

- Calcium Carbonate is added to our nesting essentials seed cylinder and once eaten, it is easily absorbed by the bird. Not only is Calcium important for eggshell formation, but it’s also important for babies to develop strong bones which is extremely critical for their first flight.

-Mealworms are not actually worms, but they’re larval made from mealworm beetles. Like fruit, mealworms are also a healthy treat and provide some protein and fat.

- Peanuts are the #1 choice for most wild birds. Not only are they super yummy, but they provide very important protein, fat, vitamins A, E, calcium, as well as fiber. Peanuts are especially critical in spring, fall and winter, but it’s an excellent food source year-round

Providing your wild birds with the right kind of birdseed will help give these master builders the tools they need. Our nesting essentials blend is best used throughout the winter and early spring to help prepare birds for egg-laying and nesting.

- Pound for pound, will last longer than traditional loose bird seed.
- Ideal for a busy lifestyle or for people who want a clean hassle-free bird experience.
- No more cleaning and refilling dirty bird feeders.
- Seed cylinders are super convenient to use. No more bulky bags of seed to carry and store.
- Compressed seed keeps birds at the feeder longer.
- No fillers and no waste! Your backyard birds will love this seed.
- Customized seed combinations for different birds and seasons.
- Perfect for all weather conditions. It won’t melt in the rain or hot sun.
- Ideal if you’re going on vacation and won't be able to fill your feeders.
- Will fit any type of cylinder feeder.
- Available in two different sizes. Medium (4" x 7") and Large (6" x 7").

Why Seed Cylinders?

Seed cylinders are the best bird feeders for people who want to enjoy looking at their birds longer.

With traditional bird feeders, the birds will often swoop in, grab a seed and then fly away before you can really enjoy looking at them. Seed cylinders are tightly compressed keeping the birds at the feeder longer, because they have to work hard to remove the seed.