Safflower Bird Seed Cylinder

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Safflower and gelatin. YUM!

The best feature of this seed isn’t about the type of birds that eat it, but more importantly the type of birds and animals that don’t.

Safflower seeds have a bit of a bitter taste and it has a different shape than other types of birdseed, which means blackbirds, grackles, and starlings will typically leave this type of seed alone. This allows you to enjoy all the birds you love in your backyard and keep the bully birds away.

Keeping bully birds away is one huge perk, but it also prevents the squirrels from eating it too. If you have an abundant number of squirrels in your backyard, then this safflower seed cylinder is for you!

- Pound for pound, will last longer than traditional loose bird seed.
- Ideal for a busy lifestyle or for people who want a clean hassle-free bird experience.
- No more cleaning and refilling dirty bird feeders.
- Seed cylinders are super convenient to use. No more bulky bags of seed to carry and store.
- Compressed seed keeps birds at the feeder longer.
- No fillers and no waste! Your backyard birds will love this seed.
- Customized seed combinations for different birds and seasons.
- Perfect for all weather conditions. It won’t melt in the rain or hot sun.
- Ideal if you’re going on vacation and won't be able to fill your feeders.
- Will fit any type of cylinder feeder.
- Available in two different sizes. Medium (4" x 7") and Large (6" x 7").

Why Seed Cylinders?

Seed cylinders are the best bird feeders for people who want to enjoy looking at their birds longer.

With traditional bird feeders, the birds will often swoop in, grab a seed and then fly away before you can really enjoy looking at them. Seed cylinders are tightly compressed keeping the birds at the feeder longer, because they have to work hard to remove the seed.